Sensor Variable Font Workshop – Politécnico do Porto


In the framework of an Erasmus Mobility Agreement with the Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design (ESMAD) of the Politécnico do Porto, I carried out with my colleague Lourdes Marco a workshop with students of the School of Design.

The purpose was to introduce them the possibilities of building semantic graphic interfaces through variable fonts and data collected by sensors. Moreover, we conducted a validation of the model in order to test its usefulness.

Here there are some images of the workshop: _config.yml _config.yml _config.yml _config.yml _config.yml _config.yml

Here a video of some results. Firstly they used a potentiometer to focus or unfocus the font and secondly a vibration sensor to modify the value of the axes of the font.

Protoype designed by Jordi Basora and Núria Artigas

Written on December 19, 2019