Technical specifications


At the present time I only know two technologies able to interact with sensors and variable font axes (please write me if you some else). Sure there are more to come, but in the mean time… One is through the font-variation-settings CSS propriety and the another one is through the fontVariations Drawbot (Python) propriety.

To develop the prototypes I chose CSS since I was thinking to show the results by the Internet, due to I have more background writing code on HTML, CSS and JS and because I only knew about Johnny Five and I didn’t know libraries like this one.

On the following figure you can see the technological framework I used. I wanted to make use of Arduino since there are multiples sensor options and because the interaction between the data and the font representation is more direct. However on following posts I will show the model applied to online open databases.


You can see the code on the GitHub page of the project.

Written on December 15, 2019